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14th September 2009, 03:52 PM

Because of improper unmount of disk, some data are corrupted. So, I ran fsck after unmounting the disk. I got a lots of errors like:

Inode 38235368, i_blocks is 2216, should be 80. Fix<y>? yes
Inode 38300737 has illegal block(s). Clear<y>? yes

I hope "yes" option does not destroy the data.

After few automatic iterations (6th) of fsck (it started to check the disk from beginning after few hours) , I got following massage:

Inode 257836732 is too big. Truncate<y>?

Now, I don't know what "yes" option do in this case. What will be the good option for this?

What will happen if I terminate fsck? Do I loss data?


14th September 2009, 04:07 PM
The disk had errors so what ever is in those positions are junk.
The fsck is not to correct data, it is to fix the f/s structure (f/s integrity) so it will work again.

Then you figure out what was running and what files need to be recovered or re-created.


14th September 2009, 05:13 PM
Thanks SlowJet for your reply.

Actually, whole disk is not corrupted. I could mount the disk, read and write files. Some part of only data files (which are not in ASCII format) are corrupted.

What does "Truncate" option does in fsck?