View Full Version : Need help with iPod touch syncing! SO CLOSE!

25th August 2009, 11:02 PM
Hey everyone!

Ok, so I'm a total noob.... and I'm having some trouble syncing mp3s to my new ipod touch. It will sync photos but not music and I have no clue why. Its a 2nd Gen 8GB iPod touch and its been jailbroken (untethered). I have Cydia and OpenSSH installed on the ipod and i can ssh into it no problem. I'm currently running FC10 and Ive been using ipod convenience to mount/unmount the ipod touch and GTKPod to sync it. There is no issues with mounting, it works wonderfully. I just cant seem to add any music... Anybody have a clue?

Ok, so I also forgot to mention that I've changed the DBVersion of the ipod from 4 to 2 so that the ipod's directories can be reproduced. I hope that helps.... O_O