View Full Version : Software RAID0 dmesg error/warning ?!

23rd August 2009, 02:21 AM
Hi i get this line twice in my dmesg output, can anybody tell me what it means and if its a problem ?

JBD: barrier-based sync failed on md0:8 - disabling barriers

for further information a few other dmesg lines:

md: raid0 personality registered for level 0
md: md0 stopped.
md: bind<sdb1>
md: bind<sda2>
md0: setting max_sectors to 128, segment boundary to 32767
raid0: looking at sda2
raid0: comparing sda2(163839936)<6> with sda2(163839936)
raid0: END
raid0: ==> UNIQUE
raid0: 1 zones
raid0: looking at sdb1
raid0: comparing sdb1(163839936)<6> with sda2(163839936)
raid0: EQUAL
raid0: FINAL 1 zones
raid0: done.
raid0 : md_size is 655359744 sectors.
raid0 : conf->spacing is 655359744 sectors.
raid0 : nb_zone is 1.
raid0 : Allocating 8 bytes for hash.
md0: unknown partition table
EXT4-fs: barriers enabled
kjournald2 starting: pid 114, dev md0:8, commit interval 5 seconds
EXT4-fs: delayed allocation enabled
EXT4-fs: file extents enabled
EXT4-fs: mballoc enabled
EXT4-fs: mounted filesystem md0 with ordered data mode

Thanks in Advance