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28th September 2004, 03:22 PM
Last night I attempted to upgrade my fc2 to fc3 t2. It was a mess. I realize that this is "not ready for prime time" and I got grub errors. I don't know how to use VI so I couldn't do much besides cp grub.conf.rpmnew to grub.conf. It was empty anyway, and I did choose to update when the install asked me. I tried renaming all the ones in my /boot/grup directory, but the only one that worked (grub.conf) was the one for fc2, it had entries. Of course, my system wouldn't boot.

Ultimately I did a fresh install, formatting my /boot partition, as well as my / partition.

All went well, but of course, I had no settings.

I have this system set the way I like, with many modified files: of course yum and apt-get, and I run apache 1.31 NOT httpd (apache 2) nor do I run the mysql (3.??) that comes with fedora. I run mysql 4... the list goes on.

So -- when fc3 comes out, I would like to install it. I'm leary of installing an upgrade, as opposed to a fresh install.

I have my / partition backed up and I completely restored my fc2 install this morning -- restores with partimage are terrific! -- but there's no file-by-file (or directory) it's all or nothing.

IN windows I installed all my apps on a seperate partition (not c:/progra~1) so when I grew tired of the install, I just wiped c:/ and put windows back -- of course I saved my applications file as well .. all my programs worked and all the system files I modified I just overwrote after a new install.

Can this work with linux as well -- I imagine it can. I have all my mail, websites, databases on a seperate backup partition and I imagine I can just synchronize directories with Krusader after a fresh install of fc3 -- but what about system files?

Should I have documented all the changes I made and copied all of my changed files to a different drive / partition?

This is going to be painful isn't it?

Fc3 has many updated proggys and incorporates some fundamental changes -- it won't be so easy as copying my /etc directory to anopther drive prior to upgrading and then copying it back to the new install??


ps -- should I be using a different backup solution -- other than booting to a rescue disc and using partimage? I tried modo -- no dice. Is there a utility that will save system files only -- or like in windows backup my system state??

28th September 2004, 04:41 PM
make /etc/ a separate partition. There are most of the system-files.

for backup see this : http://www.fedoranews.org/mweber/rsync/rsync_intro.shtml

And one more tip: fc3 is yet a test release, so don't install it, if you don't want to have a lot of bugs, to report them on bugzilla. If you want to have a working envorment allways use the stable versions.

28th September 2004, 06:31 PM
Thanks for your response.

My partitions are already set up...differently:

hda5 = /boot
hda6 = /
hda7 = /swap

I have a complete backup of hda6 - current to today. Using partimage is a joy and a snap.

I wonder, can I just do a new install ( I know fc3 is still testing), and choose to NOT FORMAT my hda6 partition.

This will install the new proggys, and I assume that this will upgrade programs, but I also assume that I will get many "<file> saved as <file.rpmnew>". I also wonder how SElinux will fare if I approach the task this way.

If I do not format hda6 than I will keep my system settings as well as my /home directory. I am just worried about grub.conf. I guess I could always back up my /root partition as well and restore it should all fail.

THinking...if I do a new install instead of upgrade and not format hda6, this may not be as acceptable as doing an upgrade.

I'm leary of upgrades, stable OS or not...but I also don't want to take 3 days and put my system back to the way it was after clean install.