View Full Version : What do you use for package management?

28th September 2004, 08:39 AM
What program(s) do you use for package management and why?

28th September 2004, 09:37 AM
You forgot to include up2date. I use yum and up2date if it decides to work. I use them becuase they are the defaults and have better support. I would like to see fc3 use the yumgui othe one from cobind, but of courde they would rather reinvent the wheel or keep up2date around becuase they wouldn't abandone there own creation even though they discourage using it :rolleyes:

28th September 2004, 10:11 AM
Good idea. ;)

I've added up2date to the poll too.

28th September 2004, 11:45 AM
cool, woops about forgetting up2date. I guess I also use yum because it comes already installed, and it works most of the time. I've tried the YUMGUI, but it's just a little cluttered right now.

28th September 2004, 02:15 PM
mostly yum. I use synaptic for "macro" package management meaning that I mostly use it for browsing installed software and removing stuff I don't need that gets installed by default and so on.

28th September 2004, 02:29 PM
I use yum because it is yummy! :D On a serious note, its easier to use.

28th September 2004, 08:42 PM
IMHO the best is apt /w synaptic but I also like yum from the CLI. I just wish apt can read the yum repository because the yum that comes with FC2T3 can read apt repository like livna and fedora.us. So my usage involves running apt /w synaptic and then yum.........synappy

28th September 2004, 08:45 PM
I use yum for most things. I like apt w/synaptic , which by the way, is starting to look like Yast (SuSE)
not all the functions but it could get there. :)

I hate to keep plugging Suse, since this is a Fedora Forum, but it is a solid distro which I have on my other HD.

28th September 2004, 09:01 PM
I use yum mostly - synaptic occasionally. Actually, I like synaptic because I can search for a package using only part of the word and then read a synopsis of what it does. Then I use yum to download and install. For some reason I have a hard time trusting Synaptic with dependencies and all.

The thing about yum is that 3 times now it stopped working and I had to rewrite yum.conf to use different sites. The biggest troublemakers are //ftp.utulsa.edu and //ftp.muohio.edu. I can't tell if the site addresses change or if the servers are having problems. When it works it works great.

28th September 2004, 09:15 PM
I always use CLI rpm command. rpm -ivh or -Uvh and manually solve dependencies :)

28th September 2004, 09:25 PM
I use yum(CLI) , synaptic(for package management) and up2date( for newest kernel). I also use a rpm method when I built a package from bz2 file like Metisse. I succesfully built nucleo-0.1 for Metisse which is easier as Metisse team provided the spec file(surprisinly easy to do). Frankly, I really don't understand why some people complain about "dependancy hell" when it comes to rpm. It is very simple to make a spec that allow removing unecessary addition.

28th September 2004, 09:29 PM
I always use CLI rpm command. rpm -ivh or -Uvh and manually solve dependencies :)

Show off. ;) :D

28th September 2004, 09:41 PM
Show off. ;) :D
Wtf? :) the thing is that I really use this.. and I'm not doing that to show off.
You'r funny :D

28th September 2004, 09:49 PM
As a relitive newbe I tried up2date and it crashed so hard my desk shook. :D

After olivierv pointed me in the direction of a well updated yum.conv I now use yum.

29th September 2004, 02:53 AM
I always use CLI rpm command. rpm -ivh or -Uvh and manually solve dependencies :)

Same here. I like to know exactly what's being added to my system :)

rpm -Fvh is good for applying multiple updates all at once :)

I also find it quicker for updating multiple systems. I can use ftp to download all the latest updates to a shared directory and then update every machine on my network from that location. I know I could also do this with up2date (and others I'm sure) but I just find the cli quicker.