View Full Version : kernel panic f10 after recent updates

25th July 2009, 03:21 AM

recently after allowing updates to occur and followed up by a reboot, I received the following report.

ACPI: Unable to load the system Description tables drivers /hid/usbhid-core.c:usb_submit_urb(ctrl) failed int[1]:segfault at 6fffff82 ip 0073d0ra sp bfe 39b1c error 6 in ld-2-9.so[73c000+20000 kernel panic-not syncing: attempted to kill init.

I like not to think the error originated with my bios, motherboard or cpu, and I am asking if any one could tell me if this occurrence is related to the updates installed.

Is there is a reasonable mechanism to recover from such a problem.

I suspect with my interpretation of the error, that during boot up, the 'driver updates', or other updated files that utilize the drivers mentioned are not in sync.