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3rd July 2009, 01:02 AM
has anyone installed this yet? Here it is, dracut-0.3!

Featuring booting from all kind of block devices, NFS, iSCSI and NBD.

How to get started, if you want to test.

# yum install dracut-0.3

To generate a initramfs image, run:

# dracut <imagename> <kernel version>

to overwrite an existing image:

# dracut -f <imagename> <kernel version>

Try to boot from that image by modifying /etc/grub.conf. Be sure to have a fallback entry.

If you want to boot from network have a look at the manpage.
Basically everything can be specified on the kernel command line.

Bug reports can be send directly to me (harald@redhat.com) until dracut appears in the bugzilla component list.
? you can install it in Fedora11 to