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13th June 2009, 03:49 AM
I am getting ready to buy a tablet relatively soon and I don't intend to buy M$ Office, considering I don't intend to use Windows. I am a CS student and I am going to use it for taking notes in class.

Does anyone out there actually own a Linux tablet and have some software for taking notes with a tablet that they swear by? I have seen a couple things like Jarnal, Xournal, and Gournal, but I have not found anyone out there saying "yes, I use this in my classes and it works great" or anything like that.

If I can't find a reliable enough program for this, I may have to stoop to dual-booting and spending 150 bucks on Office. :(

14th June 2009, 05:38 AM
I'm also planning on buying a tablet for college, a dell xt specifically, and I couldn't find anything that great online. People have recommended things like OpenOffice Draw, but nothing I've found compares very well to OneNote... and I really don't want to have to boot up windows for note-taking!

15th June 2009, 04:09 PM
I'm getting a ThinkPad x200 Tablet. The XT is a good choice, but I have heard that it is a little bit sluggish, so keep that in mind.

I will probably dual-boot, as much as I hate that. And Lenovo offers OneNote separately for 20 bucks. If I don't find anything else suitable, I'll have to get it. But I'll certainly have time to fiddle, especially with Xournal. That's the top contender, I think.