View Full Version : Fedora Core 10 and init 6, stuck in the shutdown r reboot

10th June 2009, 05:49 PM
Hi All;

I am facing a problem with Fedora Core 10, the problem that:

We use putty to login for it (remotely) from outside, any small change in the configuration (for example, I just placed the HOSTANAME (vi /etc/sysconfig/network) and then I typed init 6 (to reboot), then the machine stuck in the booting and need to be restarted manually, so we have to ask someone to for the machine and restart it.

Then we did the change in the /etc/hosts and the same thing happen (the machine stuck) and we sent someone to go for the machine and restart it manually.

Actually I do not know if it is stuck in the shutdown or in the booting.

What is the solution with this case?