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2nd June 2009, 06:26 PM
I am converting an older box to FC10. I have installed the software and all of the updates. For the past several days, I have left the box up at night only to discover in the morning that it is hung. I have looked in the System log today and the last messages are around 4:34 am. One of the messages was a mail to root. I checked root's mail and found that for each of the last 4 nights root received a mail message at 4:33 am. Looking at the messages, they appear to be a summary of activity during the day. How can I figure out why the system is hanging right after that. Please be explicit and use simple words to describe what to do/check. Thank you, Vince Radice
p.s. I have saved the mail messages if someone thinks they might be useful

2nd June 2009, 09:39 PM
Just a hunch but have run memtest on the memory of that particular box there may be some issues with it.

3rd June 2009, 01:02 AM
OK - tried that. Ran for 3 hours with no errors. Now what? Are there any options to set debugging mode? Anything to cause (please excuse the reference) BSOD?

Thanks, Vince Radice

3rd June 2009, 02:02 AM
As i said it was just a hunch but have you had a look in your .xsession-errors and .xsession-err.old files they are hidden files in your home folder

3rd June 2009, 02:29 AM
I went back on the cron logs and found something very interesting. On several at about 4:33 am some had the last entry as starting prelink. On all of days where the system was hung, this was the last entry before re-booting:
Here is a summary for the days I have found:
May 29 04:11:12 localhost run-parts(/etc/cron.daily)[4755]: starting prelink --- System was hung
May 30 04:34:02 Fedora1 run-parts(/etc/cron.daily)[9783]: starting prelink
May 30 04:34:02 Fedora1 run-parts(/etc/cron.daily)[10421]: finished prelink system was not hung
May 31 04:37:28 Fedora1 run-parts(/etc/cron.daily)[4113]: starting prelink
May 31 04:37:28 Fedora1 run-parts(/etc/cron.daily)[4771]: finished prelink system was not hung
Jun 1 04:34:36 Fedora1 run-parts(/etc/cron.daily)[19796]: starting prelink system was hung
Jun 2 04:34:13 Fedora1 run-parts(/etc/cron.daily)[4578]: starting prelink system was hung

Can I prevent prelink from running to see if this is the problem?
Can I force prelink to run and see what happens?

Thanks, Vince Radice

3rd June 2009, 09:15 PM
It didn't hang last night. Doing some research on prelink show it runs and does something if certain libraries are changed. With that in mind and looking at the prelink script in /etc/cron.daily, can I modify this to be verbose and route the output to a file to see how far it gets?

3rd June 2009, 10:40 PM
I'm having random lockups with FC10 as well. As well as many others, judging from this forum. It's quite possible that you are out of luck - FC10 won't run stable on your HW.

On a general note I must say the FC stability degrades over years. Maybe its time to switch ?

6th June 2009, 02:26 PM
The system has not hung for the past few days. I even installed to security fixes a few days ago. I was looking through the prelink scripts and it may not be doing it the same way with the quick vs normal options. I will continue to watch this and, if it hangs again, I will change the scripts to verbose, normal, and daily to see where in prelink it is hanging.

Also, I don't understand the comment about FC10 not running on my HW. That would imply that there is a minimum HW configuration needed for FC10. Aside from the hangs I have seen, FC10 runs well on this box. Thanks, Vince Radice

6th June 2009, 08:51 PM
hangs != runs well

BTW, I also noted that the hangs maybe HDD activity related, i.e. prelink.

Or maybe not.