View Full Version : need to put text into the KDM login manager

8th May 2009, 01:27 AM
I've looked in the Login Manager applet in the KDE 4 System Settings tool and I've checked with the KDM kdmrc file. There's a string in kdmrc called GreetString which can be used to put text on the KDM but I'd rather have a way to put the contents of /etc/motd into the KDM. First I think it likely that GreetString has some size limit. The host usage/welcome statement will probably be several sentences long.

I need this because we need to display a required legal statement against inappropriate usage. In the old days (Solaris /HPUX) when I used XDM it was able to read a normal text file so I usually pointed it at /etc/motd (and the same with the telnet, ftp and ssh logins). Something like that for KDM for KDE 4.2.2 would be good.

UPDATE: I can put a very large string into the GreetString but this is a poor solution because it means modifying a config file that comes with KDM instead of the proper way which would be that KDM's rc file would have a filename that would point to the text file