View Full Version : Formatted my Fedora 10 /boot partition with Sabayon Grub (EXT4)

7th May 2009, 01:26 AM
Hi everyone,

I just made a bit of a mistake! I downloaded a copy of Sabayon 4.1 Linux (Gentoo spin-off) Live CD, and it seemed quite interesting, so I decided to install it, on a separate partition.

Well in the process, I formatted my existing Fedora 10 /boot partition with EXT4 and installed the GRUB from Sabayon to it.

Well in short, I can boot Sabayon, but NOT Fedora 10! And unfortunately NO I DID NOT BACK THIS UP!

I use Logical Volumes, and all my VolGroups are named differently, so I am able to mount the Fedora Partition no problem, with either the Install DVD or via the Sabayon Install.

I can "chroot" to the mounted Fedora Install, but obviously nothing shows up when I check my grub.conf, or try and access the /boot partition.

What is the best way for me to recover this? Can I modify the EXT4 based GRUB to boot my Fedora 10 installation? I'm not sure if the file system even matters here, since it's the /boot (grub) calling the init process from my Fedora 10 install!

The vmlinux, initrd, kernel, etc.. are all missing since they were stored on the /boot partition! I now my Kernel Version.

I tried to "chroot" from Sabayon and run yum to install my Kernel, but that just gave me some python errors!

Can I just download the "kernel, vmlinuz, and initrd images for my kernel version(s) and modify the existing grub configuration to contain the information for booting my Fedora kernel too?

I'm just trying to avoid a Fedora 10 re-install, if at all possible!

Any help is much appreciated!


7th May 2009, 01:40 AM

Sabayon is actually quite neat! I comes complete with the proprietary ATI and NVIDIA drivers (tested both), Working Compiz with Emerald Themes, KDE 4 Desktop, XBOX Media Center, WINE (Windows Emulator), Most of the popular Multimedia apps, except K3B (something to do with KDE 4 compatibility issues), Web Browser (Firefox) with most popular plugins (java, flash, etc...) installed. Even good Wireless and Laptop support!

It's Gentoo Based, so for those of you who are not familiar with it, it uses quite different management tools that Fedora, so be prepared to do some reading! It does NOT use yum (rpm) and does NOT contain any of the system-config style commands!

But all and all, it works quite well.

But I still like my tweaked out Fedora the BEST!

7th May 2009, 12:49 PM

What if I backed up my EXT4 /boot partition, formatted with EXT3, re-installed GRUB, could I then get access back to my Fedora 10 install?

I'm really at a loss here! Any help is much appreciated!

7th May 2009, 01:00 PM
If I understand correctly you want to boot back into Fedora, but you can't do it any more since /boot of Fedora is missing.

So here it goes...

1. Get Fedora DVD or a Live Fedora CD. (I'm not inclined to use Sebayon).
2. Boot to rescue mode or to the live CD.
3. chroot to /mnt/sysimage (hopefully Fedora installation DVD will auto detect it, and this is best case).
4. Re-format the partition that is now ext4 to ext3 (Fedora will not boot from ext3).
5. In the chroot environment mount that partion as /boot
6. Check if your network is up, if so then proceed to next step.
7. yum install kernel (basically install the kernel)
8. Check if the initrd is created by "ls /boot"
9. Install GRUB (either as grub-install or from the grub>setup (hd0) etc)
10. Boot back into HDD, see if every-thing's ok.

So basically this is a long affirmative answer to your last question. :)

7th May 2009, 01:02 PM
There's a typo on step 4: I meant "Fedora will not boot from ext4"