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John the train
1st May 2009, 11:28 AM
Has anyone else tried installing iPlayer Desktop on F10? I've got AIR and the latest Flash, but attempting to install from the BBC install page fails. Rather suspiciously, although on one page F10 appears on the list of system requirements on the install page it only lists Mint, Ubuntu and Open Suse. Looks as if there's been a SNAFU ( or TARFU ) and the .rpm version has gone AWOL? Perhaps we should lend them Leigh or Dangermouse!:rolleyes::

3rd May 2009, 05:33 PM
I did try at the time it was first launched and remember getting further than I just have. The rpm version does appear to have vanished.

I must admit previously I didn't try too hard as I have always seen the download version as a waste of time. If I want to plan to watch something I either sky+ it or let kaffeine grab it when its shown (on the server/multimedia fedora 10 box*).

Have typed loads of stuff here, that expresses my views on the beeb choosing platforms to support, but deleted it as really belongs in wibble.

Server/multimedia fedora 10 box
When I bought a laptop, the desktop was mostly used remotely and the study became obsolete. Moved the desktop to the TV plinth behind the TV, use it mostly as a server and use the TV as the monitor, bought a wireless keyboard and mouse from aldi and have freed up the study back to a spare bedroom. Its very good for watching iPlayer programmes on a 32inch LCD TV :)