View Full Version : Multiple of each hardware appearing

22nd April 2009, 11:30 PM
This is a really strange problem that I only recently got.... FIrst I should start with the fact that when I booted up, it read: "Errors detected, forcing check", and it got to about 20% before it said manual fsck required.

When I did the fsck from shell, i rebooted with # reboot and it worked fine. However, when I got to the desktop, it took an unusually long time to connect to my wireless network, and the connection was rather unstable. So I clicked the applet in the notification bar and was surprised to see 3 of the exact same network adapter present. Very interesting...

I also have three batteries listed, however they all move at the same rate (all three start to decrease when I unplug) and etc.

Can anyone fix this? It messes up some configuration, I think... It tries to switch network cards occasionally and stops my internet connection.