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6th February 2004, 05:51 PM
I have partitioned my hard drive into several sections, and I left 50 MB at the beginning of the disk to install the boot sector for linux. However when I go to install it says that I haven't defined a root and that it can't install.

my partitions are as follows:

hda: vfat - seemed like i needed this to install windows xp
hdb: (not formated yet) - going to use this one for linux boot
hdc: ntfs - windows
hdd: fat32 - 10 gig of space for files to access with windows and linux
hde: (not formatted) - going to use to install linux

Can someone please help me.

Thank you

6th February 2004, 07:48 PM
When you go into the installation, Fedora will ask you if you want to custom create the partitions on your hardrive via DiskDruid. Select this option.

Then click "New", and assign the 50mb to your boot sector. Choose Ext2 filesystem, and select from the drop down menu /boot as the mount point. Click OK.

Then click "New" again, and click on the option that allows you to use all of the freespace on the hardrive, again click Ext2 filesystem and then select from the drop down menu "/" as the mount point. Click Ok.

Click OK, through the next through dialog boxes, and you should then be able to install.

Hope that helps!

19th February 2004, 03:09 AM
Also, to clarify, your PARTITIONS will be NUMBERS, and the HARD DRIVES will be letters.

So your first hard drive is hda
and the first partition will be hda1
The next partition will be hda2.

If you have all the way to hde, you are saying that you have 5 hard drives there. I think that you might have meant 1 to 5 on hda.

Anyway, the disk druid, as mentioned above, is very easy to use and intuitive. Define what you want and it will do the rest.