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27th February 2009, 06:25 PM
I'm looking for a backup solution for Fedora/CentOS that is similar to SuSE's yast2 backup & yast2 restore. If you aren't familiar with those, these are the features I want:

* Backups include a list of currently installed rpms but not the unmodified content of the rpms. Upon restoration the missing rpms are reinstalled from a repo.
* Backups include modified files that originated in rpms. Restoration will restore those files after ensuring that the rpms are reinstalled.
* Optionally backup all files that do not belong to rpms
* Have a mechanism (regex,dir listing,etc) to exclude content like /tmp from being backed up
* Be capable of scheduling backup jobs with remembered settings (profiles) with cron
* The archive format should be a standard linux archive of some type that I can manually extract files from if needed.

Any suggestions? I'm already using custom shell scripts and tar/gz for my Redhat systems.