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27th February 2009, 12:10 AM
I have recently play around jigdo to get an .iso image of Fedora 10 and what I got is not encouraging to use respin from unity again!!! :confused:

My problem was that few links in jigdo file was broken or at some point I was not able to get this file with jigdo. So I had to downloaded them manually and than point jigdo on a folder with this files !!!

Finally I succeed in preparing iso image and successfully verify it, but problem came later. So I kill my old installation of Fedora 10 and reinstall everything back from respin DVD including KDE and Gnome.

Everything went good until the actual boot . At the boot fedora just crush saying : "libredline.5.0 was not found" and then : "unable to mount hard drive" and nothing work after only RESET helps to restart and reload full configuration from previous DVD. :(

any help to get working dvd will be appreciated !!!!!!!

27th February 2009, 10:32 PM
So finally nobody want to comment on my post. :(
Little advise for adventures people wait until next release of respin
or just do a full installation of FC10 from native disk then edit /etc/yum.conf and change keepcache=1 and update your system this way you will keep all updates and packages installed on you machine. You have all your suff now in /var/cache/yum just copy this folder on another computer into a same folder via root:

sudo cp -r yum /var/cashe/

and update your new installation without downloading any packages from fedora repo.
This solution will be a simplest until somebody will fix a bug in a respin!

please comment!!!!