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6th February 2009, 08:20 AM
A couple of questions about the F11 alpha. (I am a developer and understand we're talking "alpha")

- boot from F11 dvd image, or "preupgrade", or just switching repos to rawhide -- which currently would be ok for moving up to alpha. My guess is the DVD route is best as it will specifically use the alpha snapshot, but preupgrade/yum are attractive as an easier path. Not even sure if preupgrade is working yet for 10->11alpha?
- Updating once on rawhide -- for F10 I switched during the beta, and updated regularly. By that point F10 was pretty stable. But it's much earlier with F11. Do most people track rawhide? Or wait until the next milestone is announced, apart from say very selective updates?
- Xorg -- how's it looking. Fairly stable? radeonhd? This is actually the weak link for me under F10 with regular xbkd crashes. Just wondering if 1.6 may avoid that..
- I tried a recent 2.6.29 kernel from koiji with F10 as a taster, and my system (laptop, ati, intel 3945 wireless) seemed to work fine.

7th February 2009, 12:20 PM

It is hard to say what most people do but I would recommend tracking rawhide and filing bug reports as you see them since it helps report and debug issues throughout the cycle instead of just every few months. On a intel system. Xorg is behaving better than it used to before. Haven't heard of any issues in other major issues in other drivers either.