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3rd February 2009, 08:37 PM
i found a program called gramps from a google search for linux genealogy programs. it seems easy enough to install and use. in the last month i have entered data from 105 people in 34 families, sometimes six generations deep. i started doing this after my sister died in november. my father had started a genealogy when he was alive, but it was a rather ragtag collection of various pages of paper and handwritten notes. my mother kept a family photo album which sort of stops in the 1970s.

i find that i am interested in how this data grows and is displayed.
the software genealogy program that i am using does the pedigree trees
rather well, but it fails on a number of other things that i would like.
lateral connections are rather awkward, particularly in showing sibling
relations. and it does not handle multiple marriages very well. some
of my ancestors were married several times usually because wives died in
childbirth i suspect. my great grandmother lizzie lee married jd beck after walter green
died. i have a dvd video of my grandfather earl bell in which he
explains that lizzie lee met jd beck from personal ads in a magazine.
photographs are just dumped into a bin, only one is designated for the
pedigree tree. photos ought to be categorized by who when and where if
possible, so they can be searched and automatically cross-referenced to
any family members shown. i also have some audio recordings of some the
most recent members of the family which seem to just dumped into an unstructured gallery in
this database. my sister sang in choirs and wrote some of her own songs. i
have recorded myself telling short tales of my own life. i also have a
number of video samples that ought to go in for later generations... if
i ever had any that is. i suspect there is a place to enter textual
descriptions of the lives of family members, but i have not stumbled
upon it yet and wonder how it accessed and displayed. still, since this software i am using is free public domain, i suppose that it should suffice until i get around making my
own web site version someday. it seems like a natural use of XML. i hope i get around to that anyway.

is there another place on the internet where i might discuss this kind of thing?