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22nd January 2009, 05:07 AM
Hello all,

I'm here to seek the well-proven expertise of the members of this forum with respect to some difficulties I'm having. I'm planning to build a new workstation in the near future to replace the aging rig I'm on now. My focus here is high performance. I have a very specific list of prerequisites for the system I have in mind and because of that specificity I'm having trouble reconciling some of these requirements, i.e. finding necessary/compatible parts. What follows is a list of the most relevant requirements I have for my new machine:

Dual Socket F (1207) Mainboard, AMD Shanghai and (if possible) SLI ready.
~8gb RAM
Two 15,000rpm SAS hard drives (300GB)
One 1TB hard drive (preferably SATA interface)
SLI and HDMI equipped graphics card
One Solid State Drive (128GB+)

Those are my main needs and I'm trying first of all put together a list of components which meet those specification and second to ensure that all of my parts will be compatible with Fedora 10 x64. Also Newegg links are favorable, as I'd like to limit the number of vendors I have to go through (to one, if I can get away with it :p ).

My biggest problem has been finding a suitable mainboard, so any tips on that are extremely welcome. :)

Thanks in advance to any helpful respondents!