View Full Version : The New Nvidia Driver: Is Working

20th January 2009, 12:59 AM
I don't know if anybody else in this forum has already reported about it, but the new nvidia 180.22 driver just resolved the issues I had on my home F10 64bit machine, specially the so-called AWN "artefacts": gray lines distortions. I first tried the akmod version (which was my current choice for instalation) from RPMfusion-testing, but it didn't work: a message told me the system couldn't built the rpms correctly. Then, I tried the kmod option and it worked :D. So far, no further issues and everything seems stable :D. I plan to keep using the kmod option for the time being, and later see if I can finally install a working driver on my work machine with an nvidia 6100 integrated card, and finally get rid of the infamous black-screen-with-a-blue-line-on-top :cool:.