View Full Version : no more windows manager

20th January 2009, 12:30 AM
hey guys I have just downloaded fedora 10 and I think its awesome its running amazing and better than any linux system I've had to date, however I've totally destroyed my windows manager (I think) while trying to get compiz fusion installed.

I couldn't get it to install via the software repo that fedora has in the admin menu so I decided to check online, after following a guide and restarting my windows manager appears to be no longer existent. in so far as I no longer have a frame or top bar on my windows and they can't be moved using holding alt or cicled through using tab and alt.

here is the guide I followed : http://www.my-guides.net/en/content/view/125/26/1/9/

the download of compiz fusion was unsecessful which I think is whats caused the problem but I'm in over my head here and don't want to damange my system any more.

anyone have any fixes for what I've done?