View Full Version : Problems using VirtualBox Fedora 10

19th January 2009, 02:30 AM
I am trying to use Fedora 10 using VirtualBox, but i am experiencing loads of problems
to list
1) Everytime i start fedora, although all changes from the previous session is present, That plasma desktop thing is always messing the places of widgets. I am assuming it is because the resolution is always changing because of VM. How can i disable Plasma and use a normal desktop? Even panel elements are gone every time I reboot.
2) Another major problem is, I had Guest additions installed before i updated, but after i updated fedora the effects of Guest additions are gone, I thought of installing them again but also the cd/dvd support is gone too.

Sorry if my questions are too naive. I couldn't find solutions myself.
(I am fed of Fedora's new problematic features, and every time i update fedora a new problem occurs, hadn't have any non-problematic updates yet in my fedora history)
And it is sad that Fedora didn't have Turkish support at default, It makes you think if they have something against us
Its enough moaning i guess, please help me solve these two problems