View Full Version : fc ppc devel and unstable gnome/xorg versions

22nd August 2004, 11:08 AM
A downside of running fedora from the development branch is the rapid changes in software versions.

I am curious if anyone can comment on the development process and what kind of testing takes place before they make it into the development branch?

Specifically I noticed that if I do a yum update right now all gnome packages get updated to 2.7 versions. Gnome 2.7 is the unstable development branch for Gnome 2.8.

I suppose it makes sense that a development branch for a distro could use unstable packages and I have no right to object or complain about unstable packages until I am actually using a stable ppc distro.

I guess more specifically I am curious what kind of results people are getting with the fedora core ppc devel branch with gnome 2.7 packages?

It also looks like X.org is updated to 6.7.99. I'm not sure but I suspect this is a test version for 6.8.0.

I am guessing the first stable PPC fedora core release will use gnome 2.8 and x.org 6.8.

15th March 2005, 11:08 AM

Fc3 is not fully functional on the PPC platform yet.

i had major problems at install, but now all looks ok...
X was not functional, so there was no Gnome or KDE

here is where i wrote a HOWTO