View Full Version : Firefox text problem and skipping audio with totem.

3rd January 2009, 10:58 PM
I'm new to Linux (only been using it a week or two) and I'm having some problems with Firefox and Totem.

I'm using Fedora 10 with Firefox 3.0.5
:confused: Firefox loads pages quickly and normally but when I scroll the page overlaps itself. If I highlight the text I'm trying to view I am able to view the text, but I would rather not do that every time I want to scroll down. The only thing I've tried is changing the screen resolution and that didn't help.

I'm Using Totem 2.24.3
:confused: I've installed the codecs and plugins to play Divx movies and finally got all my movies to play, but the sound skips every 5-10 seconds. It's a quick half second lack of sound, but it's irritating when I'm trying to watch a movie. The video doesn't skip at all and the audio stays synced with the video. It also does this if I play music with totem. I use rhythmbox to play music files normally and have no problems. The music and movie files are located on an external USB HDD.

I'm really enjoying my Linux experience except for these two little problems. I'm trying to learn more with some tutorials but I'm far from being able to troubleshoot these by myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

5th May 2009, 08:45 AM
I had the same problem.

It was gone after turning off smooth scrolling in firefox.

Smooth scrolling is located in Edit/Preferences/Advanced

5th May 2009, 05:50 PM
Thanks I'll try that. I've gotten used to not using the scroll button on the computer running fedora. Luckily some codec updates fixed the problem I was having with totem.