View Full Version : AWN nautilus starter fails

3rd January 2009, 04:26 PM
Hello at all,
I got a little problem with Avant Window Navigator. When I start AWN automatically on login, I'm not able to start nautilus with the starter in AWN, just nothing happens clicking on it. When I start it manually (with desktop starter or terminal) it works all fine.
Now I'm looking for any way to automatically start a terminal and start AWN from this terminal, so it autostarts with an output prompt where I can maybe recognize what's the matter. I just need to reproduce the bug with an text output where I will maybe find any error message.
Has anyone an idea how to do this? Or is there a logfile anywhere? Or maybe anyone had this bug too?
Maybe important: I installed a fresh fedora 10, but kept my /home files as they were, including the config files for all programs.
Thanks for reading!

5th January 2009, 05:15 PM
With the help of the AWN forum I found out a workaround: "nautilus /place". With my home directory it works very well.
Why it won't do so with simply "nautilus" or the command which is used in gnome panelmenu, is not clear.