View Full Version : Compliz Fusion: "Wobbly Windows" effect kills "Reflection" while moving windows

1st January 2009, 09:37 AM
Hello everyone,

In compiz fusion, when I have "Reflection" plugin working, the reflection is supposed to show up in window's title bar even while moving the window.

I've noticed that if I also have "wobbly windows" plugin working, then a window's reflection disappears while I'm moving that window, and re-appear when I let go that window.

I've also noticed that it's not always like that, and that sometimes reflection still shows up while moving a window even when "wobbly windows" plugin is on. Sometimes it "just starts working" in the middle of my session.

It's been like that in Fedora 9 as well (now I'm using F10), and I could never figure out why it sometimes works like this and sometimes not.

Does anyone have a solution for having reflections work properly with wobbly windows?

BTW, Happy New Year!

1st January 2009, 10:19 AM
On my system, reflection disappears while moving only with 'bicubic filter' plugin enabled. What version of compiz-fusion do you use?

1st January 2009, 11:20 AM
Yes, I had bicubic filtering ON. After I turned it off, the reflection was showing up while moving.

Then I turned bicubic filtering back on, as I've had it before and logged out and in until I had the reflection showing up with "wobbly windows" and "bicubic filetering" both ON. Just like I wrote in the first post, sometimes it would start working for no apparent reason. Then I turned "bicubic filtering" on and off couple of times, checking every time if I still get reflection while moving the window. And guess what... reflection still showed up with bicubic filtering and wobbly windown on whlile moving window.

I wonder if it "sometimes works" because sometimes bicubic filetring plugin doesn't get loaded and thus reflection shows up.

Now, however, (thanks to you ,disjointed) I know for sure that if I don't have bicubic filtering on, then reflection works every time, so I'll just keep that "bicubic filtering" off.

What is that bicubic filtering anyway?

Thank you!

1st January 2009, 11:24 AM
Oh, and I forgot to mention that I'm using the latest compiz fusion with unofficial packages from repo of http://www.linux-ati-drivers.homecall.co.uk/ as directed in http://www.my-guides.net/en/content/view/125/26/1/9/#compizfusion

Before, in Fedora 9, I've used compiz fusion with official packages only. I think it was from livna. Anyway, I've had the same thing going on with reflection. And I remember that I was always turning on that "bicubic filtering". I thought it improves visual quality by a bit.