View Full Version : Understanding why web pages aren't tabs

31st December 2008, 06:49 PM
I posted before asking if there was supposed to be any sense behind the way browsers decide whether to open a web page in a new window or in a tab, or in some way that the page just vanishes when you navigate away from it. The answer I got was that Firefox opened pages as tabs unless Javascript told it to do otherwise.

So, suppose that I am at a website and I find that pages just vanish ( become neither new windows or tabs) when I navigate away from them. If I don't like this, is it correct to say that I should complain to the website? Is that the place that controls the behavior? (It's more likely that I will want to flip back and forth among the pages of a website than among pages of different websites. I don't understand why my collection of browser tabs is so often a set of pages from completely different sites. )

1st January 2009, 01:39 PM
These decisions to open a tab or win is up the the server NOT your browser ((assuming you have a browser capable of tabs). Sadly most websites have some dumb ideas about with to open a new window and when not.

Complain if you like, but it's just poor ergonomic design