View Full Version : /boot partition, and FAT partition

21st August 2004, 05:31 AM
Going to dual boot XP and FC2. I have installed XP first and getting it all updated and settled before I start in on Fedora.

So... XP is already installed at the start of the disk. HD is set in bios to access as LBA mode. Is there any reason to have a separate boot partition for Linux?

What are the "best practices" for Linux partitions anyway? As far as I can tell, it seems like most people have a swap partition, a root partition, and sometimes a boot partition.

Also, I want to make the partition with all my personal stuff in FAT32 so both FC and XP can read/write on it. XP's GUI partition utilities only format in NTFS it seems... do I need to use fdisk or something (never used it before).



21st August 2004, 08:54 AM
FC2 uses a seperate partition for the /boot. It is recommended that the boot partition will be a primary one that goes before the extended partition. The linux root partition and the swap partition can be inside the extended partition.

And about the FAT32 partition, there is a small chance that fedora will mess up your partition table when trying to a FAT32 partition. In that case your partition will be accessable but you cannot boot from windows. I suggest you put the FAT32 partition in a seperate drive. I know some people here will say that it's bull**** but if you want to take the risk be my guest.