View Full Version : F10 Help Needed ?

Dark Star
28th December 2008, 06:51 PM
Since I have got a new system. .I finaly thought of istallling a better 64bit system.. So I installed F10 X64..

Few questions..

Despite having ATI Graphics Plymouth isn't shwoing up. Though I can see it in i386 vers.. Pleas etell me how to enable it ?
Pleas tell me few quick get used to Fedora guide ?
F10 has ATI drivers in repo or I have to manually install the drivers?

Also I noticed F10 using 512 Mb ram in Gnome 64bit. while MDV 2009.0 was using 380 something.. 64bit uses more ram or its Fedora ? Though I have 4 Gb usage is no concern.. But still I am curious..

Please let me know about this.. Looking forward to Hitboxx reply


28th December 2008, 07:26 PM
Hey Darkstar! Where did you get that name:

1) jerry
2) skateboarding
3) astronomy

Anyway, I just did what you did and I have to say that 64-bit linux is lacking some support in the driver department. I don't know about ATI, but there actually were no 64-bit nvidia drivers for GeForce cards until two weeks ago (they did have 64-bit quatro drivers and 32-bit GeForce drivers), and you can guess how well the two week old drivers work.

Getting some stuff that was written for 32-bit to compile has led to some frustrating dead-ends but it's not impossible. I can provide hints if you need them, but if your priority is getting hardware to work you might want to turn back now.

I think I'm running like 1-2 hundred megs at start but I don't use gnome.