View Full Version : FC10 booting issue

27th December 2008, 03:29 AM
My system boots to the word "GRUB" in the upper left corner. I don't remember what the fix is. I had a PC that used Lilo once and it booted to Li occasionally but I don't remember what I did to fix it. I can boot to the install cd. I just don't knowwhere to go and what to do.

27th December 2008, 03:37 AM
Hello instepcco,

That's usually fixed by re-installing the GRUB boot loader. If you installed GRUB in the master boot record when you installed Fedora, then here is a thread with an example you can follow...
Grub broken - all i get is GRUB and a blinking curser (http://fedoraforum.org/forum/showthread.php?t=194442)If you have questions about anything that you read there, return here to ask them. And if you had some other booting arrangement than GRUB in the master boot record, then don't do anything yet. Return and clarify the situation.

27th December 2008, 03:43 PM
It is working better now!