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20th August 2004, 12:33 AM
I was having problems loading fedora core 2 on my new HP Pavillion so I decided to just reinstall the OS - things went smooth as usual but now I am able to boot into Linux and everything looks great, I have the screen resolution I want and everything runs like I want it to. I was prett y happy. Now I had Windows XP Pro and Linux FC2 on the same machine with no issues.

I decided to try a rebot just to be sure I don't have any problems.

Sure enough, when I log off and out of Gnome, and the system is told to reboot or shutdown, my laptop screen goes off and the whole thing stops responding. Caps lock light is dead, ctl alt F1 is dead :mad:

I just don't get it? Why is Linux acting like this on my note book? I have to manually power it off because the system dies when its prompted to reboot or shutdown.

What could this be? It cant be XSERVER or anything like that because it boots right back into Linux like it should except for a message that says Linux was shutdown prematurely & then loads right back into gnome :confused:

Do you guys think it may be a GUI issue like gnome & I should use KDE?

I have tried reinstalling this OS 4 times now and am kind of ready to give up and find a distro that works even though I really love FC2 :(

20th August 2004, 12:44 AM
well, i guarentee that if you install one more time you will have the same problem. so i'd suggest you actually sole the problem...it sounds like a hardware problem, perhaps with acpi or apm. they are responsible for power control, so i would start there. you should also check if your hardware is compatible with linux (the kernel) because if it is not, you will have the same problem on every linux disto until you find the right drivers, etc.
Also, have you checked your system logs for clues?

20th August 2004, 01:44 AM
I answered it here for you ;)