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17th August 2004, 05:55 PM
Hi , sorry for my english , i'm a french school student.
Sorry if my thread isn't in the good forum, but, i want to know if i can suggerate an integration of driver in the futures fedoras :

I'vea laptop Aspire 1350, with a "Via/S3 KN400/KM400" graphic chipset.
I want to know if the fedora's team can build these drivers on Fedora. I'ma newbie, and it's very difficult to install them. There is a sourceforce project (unichrome)but, it's under Xfree (and fedora is Xorg yeah?)
Maybe, an automatic installation will be more easy for the newbies like me.
So , if i'm not in the good forum, when can i suggerate it to the team ? ..
That's contribuate to an extension of Fedora, and more compatibility ....
And the driver already exists (but they are very ****ly to install)

Thanks you to have read me (my english's so bad)
And , thanks you to answer me :)

Ciao , and good luck with these wonderfull Distro !

18th August 2004, 05:20 AM
You need to suggest additions to the Fedora project at http://www.redhat.com/bugzilla - these forums have no official connection to RedHat.

21st August 2005, 06:01 PM
Hi there, Niphilim!

donīt give up - I own the same notebook and Iīve got it working 10 min ago.

And thatīs the way, I did it:

1. when youīre booting first time after the succesfull installation of Fedora, type "I" to get to the interactive boot-modus.
2. Fedora now will ask you, which services should be started - type "J" or "Enter" for all services except "gpm" - when Fedora asks you to start "gpm" - type "n"!!!
3. after a few seconds you will see the login-screen with a resolution of 800x600
4. to change the resolution to 1024x768, login and got to system-menu -> preferences -> Display and change the resolution there.
5. if youīve made this, logout and login (maybe reboot) or restart the X-server - voila, have a lot of fun with Fedora on Acer Aspire 1350! :)



btw: donīt forget to disable "gpm" permanent, if you donīt need it - otherwise you will have to go through the same procedure every time you start Fedora.

4th September 2005, 10:10 PM
How to active DRI ?