View Full Version : Errors in F8, home directory does not exist, bad permissions

4th December 2008, 11:34 PM
I installed and removed some packeges yesterday associated with python and cherrypy and turbogears

And today nothing works
during startup it complains about /etc/mail/somefile having world write permissions , they are chmoded to 744

and after logging in

Your home directory is listed as '/home/foobar' but it does not appear to exist. Do you want to. Do you want to log in with the / (root) directory as your home directory ( although I can see the home dir when logged in )
if (choice == no) go to login screen
if (choice == yes) ->

The file $HOME/.dmrc is being ignored it has to have permissions 644

and then
The files that contain your preferences settings are currently in use. You might be logged in to a sessionto another computer.....

I can login with root but only in KDE
and also in runlevel 1 and graphical but not in init 3, then the password in not accepted

any help appreciated, hope not to have to reinstall