View Full Version : General Question for those who are able.....

14th August 2004, 10:53 PM
I have seen several pages that discuss producing a updated install set using updates and what have you for FC2 (link for example is below).

What I wonder is has anyone done this to date and can I ge a link for DL. I myself would much rather start on the current kernel rather than do 3 or 4 updates. And truthfully the reason it is of interest is that the CDs on a stock FC2 release wont see my promise driver for my RAID 0 correctly so I cannot install the thing to get it working on my own accord.

I figure if the updated set could be made then the driver could also be updated to properly detect the RAID so I can get it installed on my tower AND have the current files and patches installed from go.


Questions, comments and certainly any reference to an ISO set would be most kind and certainly appreciated.