View Full Version : Help me!! Frequency out of range!

29th November 2008, 05:53 AM
Ok, im new at this, (just 5 days in linux over all to be exact)... ok so i got fedora 10 on my computer and it has an NVIDIA card 6100... ok so my problem was that i couldnt make the desktop effects to work, so i tried to install the nvidia drivers from the website, and for that i had to do it from the black screen because it wouldn't install if "x" was running...

So supposedly they got installed and everything, but then when i tried to get "x" back running. (startx) the screen went all black and a blue box appeared saying "FREQUENCY OUT OF RANGE" i cant do anything else but to turn the pc off and go into windows xp, since i cant do anything to fix it.:(

CAN SOMEONE please tell me how to fix this?? and if i needed to mention something else that you might need please tell me... and then comeback after i explained myself better so you can help me...:confused:

I really need help and i appreciate your help... and ill ask you to explain with detail and bear with me since im a noob to Linux... Thank you in advance!!!:D

29th November 2008, 06:51 AM
Copy to the thread the contents of the file(s):

Once you've done this someone will most likely be along to help.

While you're waiting you might want to take a look at this thread. It just could contain some nifty ideas to help you along.