View Full Version : Help on Zenity script for Nautilus (Sudo mode)

29th November 2008, 01:47 AM
Hi guys,

I wanted to have some help on that script I just saw and found useful. It works perfectly when I launch this script from my

terminal, however, it doesn't work when I double click on the launcher :(. It ask me for a password, and after nothing.

For exemple, when I launch it from the terminal, I get my password prompt, I then enter my password, hit enter, wait for 1 second then I get my nautilus window in the /root. :)

I know it works in the terminal but not when I double click on hit :confused:

Here goes my script
#! /bin/bash
sudo -K
zenity --entry --title="Browse files as root"\
--text="Enter your password:" --hide-text \
| sudo -S nautilus --no-desktop --browser 1>\
/dev/null 2> /dev/null

Thanks for any help. :D