View Full Version : Setting permissions on a Share

20th November 2008, 03:46 AM
I have a fedora box running in my office. A friend who works in the same building was nice enough to set up a samba share on his PC so I can share all his music, media, etc.
The problem is I have a couple different people using my linux computer and I would hate for one of them to accidentally erase his files, or even use them without his permission.

I was wondering if I can setup permissions on the mount point or something. So only I can access the share.

Now keep in mind I am fairly savy but not really a linux guru by any means.

Here is how he has me mounting it in my /etc/fstab:

//studio/drobo /drobo cifs username=savone,password=********,uid=500,gid=500 0 0

(Password removed for obvious reasons)

When I try to set the permissions on the the /drobo directory I get permission denied, even while root.

So how can I make it so only I (user savone) use these files?

20th November 2008, 11:40 AM
I believe that this needs to be done on his end though his samba configuration. There he can decide what users will have access to the share.