View Full Version : Live CD vs. Qemu on Flash Drive

14th November 2008, 03:45 PM

I know that live cd's use the host machine's RAM and thus
make no change to that system (unless of course you choose
to install the os to the host!), but is this the situation
when using an os via QEMU from a flash drive? Once the os
has been powered off and the flash drive unmounted has
there been any change to the host machine? For example, if
the host is using Windows XP and and the flash drive has
fedora 9 installed and deployed via QEMU, what trace would
it leave on the host? Would the hard drive of the host (as
opposed to the RAM with a live cd) "record" the activity of
the guest os? KQemu hasn't been installed on the host
machine, so that isn't an issue.
I'm not tech savvy to the point of being able to understand
whether it would or not. My guess would be 'no', since the
drive at issue would be the solid state flash drive and not
the host machine's hard drive?


(BTW this is my first ever post and I've loved using fedora