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10th August 2004, 08:26 AM
Heya folks...have a question here.

I've installed NeverWinter Nights for Linux. I open up a terminal, navigate to the nwn directory, and start the game by typing ./nwn

My question...how can I make this into a launcher so I can just double click the icon on the desktop? Everything I've tried to date doesn't work.


Thanks in Advance


10th August 2004, 08:28 AM
gnome or kde?
in gnome
click on the desktop right and choose something like add launcher ( I don't use an English Fedora, so I don't know the exact name) then in the Command line click on choose and choose the nwd file in your nwd directory.
The other lines you can fill as you wish.

10th August 2004, 08:32 AM
I'm using gnome. I can run the nwn.sh in terminal, however, when I add it to a launcher, nothing happens. :(

10th August 2004, 08:48 AM
enable the check open in terminal

10th August 2004, 08:53 AM
you have to find the exact path the command is to make work...

for e.g. this is the path for my firefox command: /home/imdeemvp/firefox/firefox as you can see my firefox folder is under my home directory...then find your command to make work in gnome :D

similiar applies to kde...