View Full Version : F10 Preview, kernel oops w/forcedeth

13th November 2008, 02:30 AM
So today I installed the F10 preview on my machine and applied any updates to be had. All seemed well until suddenly my ethernet connection stopped, and the mouse in X starting getting "jerky" almost like something was consuming 110% of the cpu... which nothing was. Ethernet was configured fine, showed up, and online. Just not working anymore, couldn't ping or do/see anything. Even a tcpdump was blank.

I investigate further, and it turns out there was a kernel crash in the forcedeth module (it's an NVidia 750-chipset based board w/ onboard ethernet).

I couldn't get it back online, even removing/reinserting the module didn't help, and the systems performance continued to be abysmal. So I rebooted the machine.

Came back, all is well.. but it did ask me to file a kernel oops report when I logged in. So I let it.

About half an hour later, it happened again. Exactly the same thing.

Rebooted, all is well again... and it happened again shortly once more.

By this point I was pretty frustrated... I decided to try running the latest F9 kernel instead to see if that helped, and it did. Not a single problem for 12+ more hours and going.

Has anyone else seen this behavior from the new kernel??


ASUS P5N-D motherboard (nvidia 750i SLI chipset, onboard ethernet)
Intel Q9450 CPU

I've attached the relevant syslog caption of the forcedeth driver dying. (edit: won't attach for some reason, you can download here: http://luckyy.com/forcedeth.txt

If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears! Thanks.