View Full Version : Fedora_10_BETA/Snapshot_2

25th October 2008, 03:09 PM
Hi guys!

I made two install on my box first F10_beta and second F10_snapshot_2 and any of them can't boot after install.

My HW are ASUS P5K WS motherboard with core 2 quad CPU, 4 gb ram.
Adaptec U160 19160 SCSI controller.
ATI 3450 graphics card.

The kernel was able to boot on both system and the white line went to the end of the blue line and after that nothing. (no hdd activity)


25th October 2008, 04:45 PM
When it starts to boot hit the tab key and then when you see the kernel hit a then remove RHGB at the end and substitute a 3. Thiw will bring you up in a text mode boot to the command line and you can see what is not working.