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18th October 2008, 11:55 AM
heres a question...
when i go out to boot fedora 8 (yes, i'm a little behind) it go into the interactive setup then gives a screen of red and grey vertical stripes. after displaying these lovely stripes for about two minutes; i get a screen of mish-mashed blinking color lines and squares.
so i spend my time rebooting...re-installing...trying different OS'.
then if i leave it alone for about a week or so and try to boot again - it works fine.
any opinions as to whether this is a hardware or software issue?
yes i know there are more current versions of fedora to boot...i just don't know how to burn a disc from a windows vista computer to transfer to the other linux system i have. i can't figure out which files to include.
any suggestions?

18th October 2008, 12:00 PM
Get ImgBurn from www.filehippo.com
Get Fedora 9 DVD.iso either i386 or x86_64 depending on your architecture
Use ImgBurn to write the dvd media.
Make sure you have the latest Bios.
What video card is doing those lines ?
Also, is F8 updated and with proper drivers installed ? Post
uname -r
yum repolist all

18th October 2008, 12:14 PM
my video card is a stock option in a dell 4550. i know thats not much help; it the Nvidea or something. is it possible it could be failing periodically? why would it only do it under fedora?
also - thank you so much for the link for fedora 9!

18th October 2008, 12:17 PM
oh ya ... i am actually 265 updates behind what is available because the last time i tried applying all the updates - it gave me red and grey vertical stripes. i have not had any problems with the drivers as far as i know.

18th October 2008, 12:22 PM
Dell has many stock options, and we're not here to guess which is yours. We can only help if you provide us with requested data.

Also, before installing F9 keep in mind that F10 is just a few weeks away ;)

Remember one thing before posting again on any forum: the more detailed you post is, the faster/more exact your response will be. If your post leaves a cloud of questions behind "Hmm..yes, he has Fedora installed, but which arch, on what hardware ? Has he done any updates yet ? What repos might be in there ? and many other" you better Not expect a valid answer, if any.

Also, for the updates do
yum update yum* --enablerepo=updates-testing-newkey
yum update --enablerepo=updates-testing-newkey

18th October 2008, 12:28 PM
thanks again nokia. i shall return with the information requested.