View Full Version : fc9, backupPC and httpd

6th September 2008, 05:10 AM
fwiw, I just installed fc9 via an upgrade from fc8 and tried to start httpd.
It failed complaining about AuthUserFile in /etc/httpd/conf.d/BackupPC.conf

It seems that backupPC was loaded but there is not a default or dummy /etc/BackupPC/apache.users file.

I just "yum remove BackupPC" to get things going. I'll figure out BackupPC later.

Should this kind of stuff be passed to the maintainers of yum or fc9 or someone who can do something.
This seems like an easy fix to get a turnkey startup.

EIther dont include BackupPC in the default load because it need custom configuration or include a dummy apache.users file to avoid this error. I realize that a real user would have to create a real user and password file before anything useful could be done. But they would know that. A simple user like me would not care or even know it's there.
Just my 2 cents

Overall I'm real happy with the install. No real problems