View Full Version : Upgrading Server From F8 to F9

22nd August 2008, 05:36 AM
Hey guys, since F10's almost here. I want to upgrade my server from Fedora 8 to Fedora 9.

Has anyone else experienced F9 not recognizing the auto-Ethernet connection after the upgrade?

On my F8 desktop, I used 'preupgrade' to upgrade from F8 to F9, everything went well until after the reboot. I noticed that it didn't recognized the old connection that it had and I had to manually delete the eth0 profile and do a restart just for it to connect automatically again.

Now if I am to do this on a server in a data center. I would have lost connection and it will never go online again.

So i was wondering, how did you guys upgrade your servers from F8 to F9 to prevent this from happening.

This isn't a production server which is why I'm just using Fedora. It's my personal server, hehe.

22nd August 2008, 06:26 AM
no prob here - had 3 boxes, took 'em from F8 to F9 with no issues at all.

22nd August 2008, 06:27 AM
Did you just do the regular yum clean all, blah blah. without changing anything?