View Full Version : Anyone have experience with the Rosewill RC-605 or eSATA/express card in general?

20th August 2008, 10:49 PM
HI all,

I recently purchased an eSATA external HDD enclosure, so I've been looking for an expresscard eSATA adapter. Does anyone here have any experience with the Rosewill RC-605? Some of the reviews on Newegg say that it works in Debian and Gentoo, but a guy on the Ubuntu forums was having trouble. Is Fedora generally pretty good at dealing with eSATA and express cards? I'm running Fedora 9 x86_64 on a Thinkpad T61.

Any response is appreciated. Sorry to be so vague, but I have no experience with expresscards or eSATA in linux...

21st August 2008, 07:07 PM
Okay, having dug around more, it looks as if the card is based on the Sil3132 chipset. From what I can tell, this chipset is supported through the sata_sil driver. Can anyone confirm the chipset's linux support in practice?