View Full Version : help on upgrading from kde 3 to kde 4

17th August 2008, 04:06 AM
now i was wondering if someone has succesfuly upgraded from 3 to kde 4 on fedora 8

im considering upgrading to F9 and dont realy want to just to have kde4 as i am in love with the fedora8 i have. i also have alot of music and avi movies and dont want to loose them just cause i want to upgrade to fedora 9. i also have no way to backup my files and the easiest way i can do that is to add another HD and cut the home folder on that Drive. then re paste the files back in the home folder.

if you can help me i would be very happy as i do realy love the kde4 venthough i like kde3 better. its going to be outdated in about a year or so and i want to have something that will be the best of cutting edge.

so if you can help me please leave a comment.