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16th August 2008, 05:14 PM
When I first installed FC9, Firefox was acting up in that any request was taking about 5/6 seconds before starting to work. I did a bit of fishing about and managed to disable IPv6 which worked a treat and it is working perfectly now...

Other applications however are acting in the same fashion...

ssh / scp / ftp are the ones that I have tried... they all take 5/6 seconds before I receive the login screen. This is even with systems on my LAN. Is it the same issue that I need to disable IPv6 altogether?

If I do need to disable it... how do I do this?

Otherwise any ideas on what could be causing this? Keeping in mind it is a fresh install... everything worked fine on same system with windows on it previously.

Lastly... why is there a delay in FF if IPv6 is enabled??

16th August 2008, 06:05 PM
make sure your dns settings are correct. a lot of applications try to do a reverse dns lookup which, when misconfigured, causes long delays. the key file here is usually /etc/resolv.conf

16th August 2008, 06:40 PM
Good idea, but all seems to be okay in there. I am receiving the DNS server automatically from router.

Looks like this...

# generated by NetworkManager, do not edit!

18th August 2008, 10:49 AM
I am still having this issue and can't figure it out at all.

There is just a ridiculous delay with all internet applications, same on wireless / wired.

Anyone have any ideas?