View Full Version : sylvania notebook annoyances and testing

14th August 2008, 04:01 AM
hi guys

just wanted to post something about the sylvania notebook with the via c7-ump cpu

the problem is that the notebook does not run at 1200Mhz and also does not have the advertised
533Mhz ram it actually runs 400Mhz rams and the cpu is underclocked to 600Mhz from the factory

it is a real annoyance since that thing runs slower then dirt on multiple linux distros and xp
also every usb device including the touchpad keyboard and Wlan crash at random and you have to pull the battery

i had a little talk with sylvania support and they pretended they do not know any of those problems
i returned the notebook 6 times to the store i bought it from to check if it is a bad batch but they are all the same

the os it came with (g-os) was pure crap since you can not finish the install without knowing the hotkey for ok
since the buttons are outside the display range (and again tech support does not know until i asked him to install a notebook , he was very surprised that he could not finish )

so this is just a little warning to stay away from those notebooks they are total junk

ps : it would be a nice little thing if they wouldn't have messed it up the only good thing is you can crank the display up to 1024x786 instead of the advertised 800x480