View Full Version : SMP support in Fedora 9 Xen DomU

12th August 2008, 02:40 AM

I've a Xen dom0 Centos 5.2 with a QuadCore Xeon. In the domU configs, vcpus are set to 4 for a Debian Etch and a Fedora 9 domU.

The Debian domU can use all 4 cpus, but the Fedora 9 domU is only using one vcpu.

I know it comes from the kernel, I read

x86_64 domU

* Available in rawhide kernel-xen
* x86_64 paravirt_ops will be in 2.6.25
* Doesn't include: SMP support, ia32 emulation
* Not yet ready for upstream submission

but I wanted to try.

So I activated Symmetric Multi Processor (SMP) support, then compiled the kernel...

But after installation of my new kernel, I can see in the config file "CONFIG_SMP is not set".

Is there any chance I can get this working on F9 ? Do I have to wait F10 or get back to F8 ?

Thanks for your help.